Scenes from Saint Christopher’s Children’s Hospital

Tile Mosaic in the lecture area

Looking Up

The Elevators


Another Mural

Sargent David Hunter holding little Eli Hunter Primel

Eli Hunter Primel two weeks old

He is doing well. This picture is the most calm that he was last weekend. He had some very frantic moments as his morphine dose was reduced again. Here are some pictures of his true status that weekend.

lots of clawing at his face.

He spent one whole day and night barely sleeping, sweating and agitated. They were going to give him a rescue dose of morphine, but he did begin to settle down. If they had not caught his addiction, he could have gone home and had seizures. With controlling his withdrawls, he has a great chance of being absolutely fine physically. Not sure when I am going back, kids are sick so I must wait a bit. I will keep you updated.

Do not take Oxycontin if you need pain management when you are pregnant, ask for an alternative. There are some pharmaceuticals that do not do this to your baby.
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One comment on “Scenes from Saint Christopher’s Children’s Hospital

  1. God bless his little heart, Esther! Oh, he is so beautiful and precious!! We are keeping him, you and the rest of your family in our prayers as you love Eli through a very difficult beginning. He could not have been given any more loving parents than the two of you!!

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