A Coherent Sentence

A coherent sentence

Yikes, it has been weeks since I have blogged. Delirium had set in.

Ray and one of Eli's nurses.

We went to Saint Christopher’s to pick up little Eli, hoping that his scores would be good enough to go. With a little help from the nurses holding him and giving him the benefit of the doubt, our treasure made it! He gave us a scare with a hydrocele (fluid filled sac in the testicle) that appeared overnight, just to be difficult 🙂 But it was found to be nonthreatening and just a inguinal hernia that will probably repair itself.

Ginger, Eli's discharge nurse

On Saturday, Dave Hunter came to give Eli his goodbyes. It was really hard seeing how much they loved each other. We promised Dave that we would keep him updated, send him pictures and call him “Uncle Dave.”

Dave holding Eli

The agency was supposed to call Saturday night to be sure the withdrawal scores were good enough for the baby to be released Sunday. They never called. At 10am Sunday, all the paperwork was finished for us to be released and still no case worker call or visit. The nurses called and there was some mix up with communication. Luckily, Ashley, one case worker, lives very close to the hospital. Before we knew it, in she walked, ready to sign the baby out.

The nurses had given us the discharge papers. Ashley took them to “sanitize them.” What that means is we are not supposed to know the last name of the baby or anything like that since she did not want an open adoption. Crazy, huh. All those weeks of every piece of paper having his birth name on … “Baby Boy C___” (he was not named) and now we are not supposed to know his name. This part of adoption I really don’t get. The information BELONGS not to the birth parent not to the adoptive parent, but to the Baby. It is their information, their identity and it will be “sanitized.” The papers were to be mailed sans the name… Everything from this point forward will be in the name of Baby Boy C…

Hilarious! We came home and the home health care nurse had orders from the hospital. On the orders… The FULL name of the baby 🙂 Oh yeah, I like it!! It is his name until the adoption is finalized anyway. 

These past weeks have been a mishmash of no sleep. They sent him home with higher scores than usual knowing we have experience. As a result, we can love him through his final stages of withdrawal. He startles, sweats, cries, tremors, and sleeps very briefly for the first week off and on the symptoms come and go. Day and night blend and we are finally to a different place, more relaxed face, body and demeanor.  His first pediatrician appointment showed his tongue was tied. A little snip and we had to learn to eat and suck again. He had and still has a lot of gas pains some from the withdrawals and some from learning how to eat and swallowing air. Hiccups, sucking the binky like a mad man, all contribute to the air problem. We are going back to the pediatrician in a week, his third visit, and home health care is coming twice a week.

Another rough day...

His milestones are being met, almost. He tracks with his eyes, he smiles, but he does not yet grasp objects. We have been referred to Early Intervention so they can keep an eye on him that he meets his goals and can catch him should he not progress on schedule.

That’s all I know, sleep is a luxury.


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