The house is quiet, too quiet

The house is quiet, too quiet

I just got back from the hospital, I had to leave Eli there. We went to the wedding on Saturday, he had a slight cough but all was fine, a typical baby with a bit of a cold. Sunday came, we went to church. He seemed tired, but after all he had a cold and we were not home the day before. Sunday night he began to look, well, a bit colorless and he was complaining a lot that he wasn’t feeling well. He was breathing fast, but he had a slight temperature. When we got the temp down, his breathing got a bit better.

He was sick all night, Two episodes of projectile vomiting: now that is just not our Eli. His breathing was sounding like one of our asthmatic children. By morning, I knew I would be calling the pediatrician as soon as they opened. At nine I called and told them Eli was very sick. They saw him at the branch office, Corrine, a pediatric nurse for quite a long time, and a friend, sent us to the main office since his lips were by now slightly blue.

At the main office, The Dr. listened to his lungs and sent us directly over to the fifth floor of the hospital for admission.His pulse OX was only 76, scarey.  His RSV test came back positive. So quick. So fast, just like that things can turn from great to bad. Pray for Eli, he is very sick.  Thank you.

Oxygen and monitors. His coloring is better.

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One comment on “The house is quiet, too quiet

  1. I’m so sorry you are going through all this, Esther, since I KNOW how much it hurts when one of our beloved children are sick!! My heart is heavy for you and I’m with you in spirit and in prayer! May the Lord heal Eli very soon, and may He fill you with peace and with strength, in the Name of our precious Savior and Lord, amen. ❤

    Love, Carol Olivieri

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