Five souls, one hour of fuel, destination, Pittsburgh

Eli is not doing better. Dr. Berger came in to do rounds this am and Eli was struggling. He called me and made the decision that he needed Medivac to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. I was settling Benjamin for the day with a friend when the Dr. called me. I met Ray at the door. HR very elevated, respirations too labored and rapid.  In short order, the medivac team arrived. They are such advocates for the little ones 🙂 They took hours trying to stabilize him for transport. And the meantime, my stupid insurance agency told them again that Eli was not on the insurance plan…still stupid pending. One more stupid thing to worry about.

They called anesthesia to intubate. There was a big worry about his airway as he struggled so hard to breathe and the noise he was making as he would breathe. At his birth the ems might have scarred his trachea trying to intubate him since he was needing resuscitation, but thank God there was no problem Eli is now on a ventilator. I felt God speaking to my spirit: ” He(Eli)  is as much mine today as he was yesterday.

The pilot was kind enough to let me ride along. Since they gave Eli meds to make him relax, he was not very responsive. The flight was uneventful.

Here in Pittsburgh, they have since; adjusted the positioning of the tube, had another chest xray, done multiple blood gases, catheter for a urine sample, and are now putting in a pic line or a broviac, not sure which one they will end up doing. That is the procedure that is currently underway as I type this. He has the terrible duo: RSV and pneumonia. Please please pray for him. Sorry, no pictures yet. He is in Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Thank you for your prayers.

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