The Sine Wave

Multiple times yesterday as I was excited about Eli’s turn, one respiratory therapist made sure I knew there would be downturns; that his recovery would be more of a sine wave than a straight line. Well last night he did go a bit backwards, but he at least had the wiggle room to do that. His heart rate had an episode of extreme irregularity. His numbers for lung volume got a bit worse, and they had to not bathe him due to his slight instability.

There were 18 admissions here last night. As a result, they were short staffed and the staff was stabilizing new patients. The respiratory therapist for the night gave Eli his treatment, his nurse was changed for another nurse who now had TWO patients and…she had not had a chance to look at his chart. His end tidals (CO2 levels at the end of an exhaled breath usually around 45 for normal) were creeping quickly first 54..63..67..71…73..79…I was waiting for someone to notice…86…OK that was it:  I called the nurse’s attention to the matter …his loops were getting very flat. His heart rate was also dipping which she didn’t notice. She called the therapist right away and he came running in to change a tube and the end tidal numbers improved somewhat right away back at least into the 70’s.  whew…he really did not need a crisis right now.

Amanda and Levi came to visit, they both cried seeing him in this state. Just two weeks ago Amanda held him as he smiled at her. Ray also came and cried. But he cried tears of JOY!! He saw the difference in his boy from Tuesday and saw the life in his little body.

I keep asking people what day it is. Somehow in here, parents are all in it together. And someone usually knows what day it is.

As my sister Melodye says: “New Day, New Mercies.”

Come back to us Eli; we sure miss you.

Come back to us Eli; we sure miss you...


One comment on “The Sine Wave

  1. Prayers continuing for your little miracle. God will continue in his blessings I am sure and Eli will come home. God Bless you all

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