Beyond Excited

Beyond Excited

The doctors, nurses, interns and therapists did their rounds this morning: His blood gas levels are the best ever, his lungs are opening up and they reduced the pressure of the vent further…and get this…they are removing the paralytic (neuromuscular blocker) to see if he can generate any breaths of his own…I am sitting here in anticipation. They said it would begin in about two hours from removal of Vecuronium. It has now been an hour. Waiting for him to make the ventilator’s bells sing 🙂 for once that will be a GOOD sound.

I met some parents and grandparents today. There have been 4 pediatric liver transplants here over the past two days: Same surgeon. One family was from Virginia and one from North Carolina. They were very excited about a new chance at life for their children.

It is now two hours since the paralytic was removed. His tongue is beginning to look like he is sucking a binky in slow motion. His eyelids are flickering and his eyes are slightly moving back and forth…can’t wait 🙂

Now at four hours: He is breathing over the vent!! The vent is set at 16 respirations a minute, he is pushing it to 30!! He is shifting his shoulders. He got worn out quickly though and the vent is doing all the work again.

His eyes are open and Uncle Dave came to visit. (the policeman who delivered him) They have a very special relationship that I want to keep intact. He is obviously too tired and weak to breathe on his own yet since he mostly relies on the ventilator to do his work. But he was ready to wake up.

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Genesis 2:7


5 comments on “Beyond Excited

  1. Praise God! What good news. We will stand by you in prayer. Esther, I am so amazed by you. Somehow in the midst of your own pain, you find the strength to reach out to others in need. You allow God to work through your words and actions.

  2. This is all such wonderful news! Thank you for the updates. I have been keeping you all in my prayers.

  3. Thank You, LORD, for each blessing in Eli’s little life! You have blessed him with a fighting spirit that is helping him triumph over these obstacles that the enemy is throwing into his path…….We know the love of his family is making a huge difference in his desire to get well, too. You have joined him with his family and NO ONE can sever those ties except You, LORD. We praise Your Name that all things are in Your loving and powerful hands, and we praise Your Name for all You have done and all You are going to do, in the Name of our precious Savior & LORD, Jesus Christ, amen. ❤

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