A little sleep a little slumber

“For so He giveth his beloved sleep.” Psalm 127: 2b

Eli had a great night. So great they are trying to remove some more medications: his vapo (nebulizer treatment for asthmatics) ; he was on continuous along with his oxygen. They also decided to wean him from his Fentanyl, his sedative. He will have withdrawals from Fentanyl since he has been on them longer than 5 days. They cut his dose this morning in half. Oh God, this little guy will have to have withdrawal scores again.

They hope to extubate (take his breathing tube out) tomorrow, dependent on his blood gas levels and the removal of vapo. The doctor here thinks he has some serious chronic lung disease because of his reaction to the RSV and the medicine combination they had to use to get his lungs to respond. As a result, they are not removing his steroids quite yet.

On another good note; his oxygen levels are at 30% and he has a rate of 12. Most of his breathing now is self-generated. He is no longer hitching a ride on the ventilator 🙂 8:00 am

They just put him on CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) with the breathing tube (no longer fully ventilated) and he is doing well!! 12:00 am.

He passed the CPAP test so they can extubate tomorrow: had to go two hours without forced ventilation and maintain his breathing rate and oxygen/CO2 levels.

We spent most of today, both of us, sleeping. What a refreshing day!!

Except: next door another baby coded. The momma and grandma are in the room crying. What a hard job for all the staff. It wasn’t that long ago when we were in their shoes. I am praying for them.

As far as withdrawals: they cut his fentanyl dose in half and he is not agitated, he is sleeping 🙂

I got two get well cards from the kids:

Mazie's card

Mazie's card

Faith's card, the funniest get well card ever :)

Faith's card, the funniest get well card ever 🙂

Missing my kiddo’s at home. Lots happening there too back on the farm. Please continue to pray as Eli recovers and for the many other little ones just like him a few doors down.

And from a little bit of heaven adoption:

Is this the little one for you?
Very Special needs situation! Ohio Couple are in need of an Adoptive Family that will adopt their child that is due 4/28/12 in Ohio. This CC Baby Boy has a genetic condition called XLID. They have had two other children that has been born with this condition, one lived to be 14 mon old and the other child was 2 weeks old. There are allot of unknowns about this condition. The child that lived to be… 14 Mon old has symptoms of Recessed jaw, Clenched Fist,CP,Appnea,He was tube fed and needed Oxygen. He did smile, and express himself in his own way. There is no drugs stated, both parents are in their early 20’s and are committed to the Adoption plan. They are not married. The fees are living in Ohio of $3000.00 and ICPC if out of state $500.00. You can choose to final in Ohio or your state. I am not charging and neither is agency that is working with Birthparents. Please pass this on to anyone who may want to give this child the love it needs regardless how long he maybe here. God does miracles!

3 comments on “A little sleep a little slumber

  1. So glad to hear Eli is doing better. Will continue to keep you in our prayers as the little ones in the hospital with him. May God Bless you all!

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