Rescue Doses

“The Lord is my STRENGTH and my SONG, and is become my SALVATION.” Psalm 118:14

Rescue Doses

Our poor little man was having difficulty last night: large pupils, sweating, unhappy in his own skin. Since they reduced his Fentanyl by half, he was suffering withdrawals again 😦.  They gave him a rescue dose of Fentanyl to help him get through the night, and it did.

This morning was a big morning!

They have been preparing to extubate Eli, giving special consideration to his reactive airway. First, they wanted him off his sedation, so they stopped the Fentanyl. They did not want any gas pushing up on his lungs, so they removed his feeds. He is still on steroids for inflammation. They gave him some vapo (nebulizer treatment) in preparation, had heliox in the CPAP for afterwards, and I am sure a number of other things just ready for him to be reactive. He was a bit, but it was a success!! Whoo hoo!! No more ventilator, only CPAP for now.

By 5:00pm he was struggling with withdrawals. They said due to his addiction history, he would have gotten addicted quickly.  A week plus on Fentanyl was enough, and unfortunately he has. He is on a methadone program as of 5:00pm after they saw him jittery, dilated pupils, sweating; Another RESCUE DOSE. So sadly, he has to do a withdrawal program again.

Eli cannot suck his binky and breathe at the same time. We tried it, but for now it is forbidden :). His respirations were in the 80’s ; it was just too much effort. After seeing that, they will be feeding him with his naso duodenal tube for probably two days to give him a chance to learn to breathe and suck his binky…step one! We sure do not want him choking to eat right now.

Tonight, as soon as they get an IV pole available, I can hold the little man!! I just cannot wait. This has been a very long 10days. Very LONG.


5 comments on “Rescue Doses

  1. I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling knowing he will soon be in your arms praise God! Love and prayers to you

  2. My arms are aching to hold that beautiful little boy & I don’t even know him! I can’t imagine what you are going through. Erla Rickard (friend of Heather’s)

  3. I’m SO HAPPY for you, Esther~!! Oh, how I hope it goes well when you hold him!! I believe he will feel much more secure in his Momma’s arms! Much LOVE and many PRAYERS I send you, my friend!! You are an amazing woman and mother!! And the LORD is GOOD; His mercies are new every morning!! ❤

  4. Such great news! We’ve been following Eli’s progress every day and are all so, so happy he is healing. Sorry to hear that he has to be scored again.
    Love that he still has his Mohawk 🙂
    Laurie at St. chris

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