Eat Santa Eat!

Eat Santa Eat

Two things are preventing us from leaving: getting off of oxygen and eating.  Last night they reduced his oxygen. About 3:00am he had gone through a really rough two hours: labored breathing, high heart rate, oxygen saturation in the mid 80’s sometimes trending to the low 80’s. they suctioned him.  His withdrawal symptoms became much worse: agitation, sweating, mottling. At 2:00am he was given his methadone, by 3:00am they saw that the answer was not just methadone, he needed his oxygen back.  Finally, we slept.

Since he sounded really junky last night, they resumed respiratory physical therapy. This is a picture of the little thing they pound on his lungs with. Don’t worry, he seems to like it! It is the same force as a hard burping pound, just localized on his lungs; front, sides and back.

Melodye, my sister, sent Eli a lamby poo to look at while he laid in his crib: It is as big as he is 🙂

Yesterday, the speech therapist saw he needed the chipmunk cheek treatment for eating. Today, they came to feed him and decided he also needed thickened formula. They thickened his formula: 1TBS rice cereal to 2 oz of formula. It worked!! He no longer was aspirating his milk, but he grew tired too quickly. We tried to dilute it: a 2/3 dilution, he choked. We opened the nipple slits more; no luck. It took me 20 minutes to feed 10ml.

 So, my day has been: feed 1 to 2  oz, baby sleeps for half an hour or plays: and we begin again!! He had about half his normal amount of formula today, but he loved to smile 🙂

So, let’s focus on that now why don’t we 🙂

smiling even in his SLEEP !!

smiling even in his SLEEP!!

“A merry heart does good, like a medicine: but a broken spirit, drieth the bones.” Proverbs 17:22


4 comments on “Eat Santa Eat!

  1. how beautiful – i wait every day for your posts and am so glad eli is getting better! and i love what you’re doing with his hair. 🙂 i hope you’re back with your family soon – strength and prayers for you always!

  2. Absolutely love this update. The smiles are adorable…Thank you for keeping those of us praying posted so regularly. It is awesome to see our God at work!

  3. Eli is a beautiful baby and you are a beautiful person! He certainly is lucky to have found you. What a precious smile he has! Keeping you in my prayers! (FYI…I graduated from CCHS with Heather.)

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