Head to Toe

The doctors have been working on him Head to TOE. Almost. They disconnected his IV’s since he started to take more fluids. (They did keep it in in case of a set back). The speech therapist came in to work with coordination of eating. Yeah, well I guess the barium cookie swallow showed he was pushing formula up into his nasal cavity as well…after two ounces he tires and aspirates even the thickened formula somewhat. Not sure what the plan is…maybe another swallow test after eating two ounces and exhaustion sets in…

And lets see…respiratory PT came and pounded on his chest, sides and back.

Methadone withdrawal symptoms tonight since they are stretching his doses. Very fussy and he is making the nurse work since his oxygen saturation levels always drop significantly. They have turned up his oxygen again.

Physical therapy came since his head has torticollis (twisted neck) from everything. He only wants to look one way and holds his neck crooked. He has lost most of his ability to control his head. So you have to protect it just like a newborn.

Ultrasound of his hips. Why?? HE was breech born vaginally and an ultra sound can be done until 6 months of age (after that x-rays only) to see the integrity of his hip joints. The one attending doctor checked his hips for flexiblity and thought they should be checked.

Chilren's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Overall, we are heading in the right direction …cross your fingers. 🙂 Well at least we were until I started to write this and they had to turn up his oxygen and deep suction his sinus cavity…His own pace, in his own time. We have come so far!

Today was a play day for him. He rediscovered that he liked toys. So nice to see him have a little fun!

I have been thinking a lot about this the past few days: I have always read the story of the Shepherd leaving the ninety-nine sheep in search of one little lamb. I don’t think I really understood it before right now. I always wondered, how could he do that? He had enough of a flock without that one. What was one more? What if something happened to the whole herd while he was out after that one stupid sheep? See I have so much natural compassion…not.  I mean, there were no fences. That sheep could have been anywhere. He had no idea how long he would have to be gone. He had to trust the sheep enclosure to keep the flock safe while he was gone. What if they ran out of food and water while he was looking? Think of all the work it took; traipsing all across the fields, into gullies and like that picture, down over cliffs. How was one little lamb ever worth all that?

 Yeah, I get it. And it is very worth it.

“For the Son of Man is come to save that which was lost.” Matthew 18:11


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