Wonder Boy and Ambulance Chasing again

Rumor has it…and it is right!! On Monday, the team came around and kicked us out of the hospital against some of their own policy. Usually they do not release children unless they have gone 24 hours without any oxygen support; but  he had oxygen support and deep suctioning. Sooo…after the morning doctor rounds, I called Ray  who was quite surprised! They had to remove his IV in his scalp that he would just not leave alone so they put a sock on his hand 🙂

I did not notice until I came home the adhesive they use was still stuck all through his hair. Not quite sure what household product might take it out; shampoo sure doesn’t. They took off his sticky tape holding his oxygen, and all of his monitors. For the first time in two weeks, he was without any leashes 🙂 We enjoyed time snuggling on the couch in the room.

 His hip sonograms came back OK. He has to have a follow-up appointment with the feeding center in two weeks and a pediatrician appointment as soon as we get home so his pediatrician can hear his lungs at baseline. It would be easier for the doctor to tell if there was a change in his lung sounds. I am worried. The doctors told me my primary responsibility was to keep him free of any respiratory viruses the best I could for the next two months.

I contacted my sisters to see if we could pray a prayer of protection over Eli at 1:00pm on Monday. So when the time drew near, we prayed, and I put some lavender oil on Eli’s head that Melodye had sent me. I have to trust God to protect him. I will do the best I can; keeping him at home unless he has a doctor’s appointment, making sure the kids wash their hands as soon as they come home from school, keeping him mostly in one room in the house that is a “safe area” where they can only enter after washing and if they are well. But even the best I can do may not be enough.

We took Eli to the pediatrician office today. Dr. Berger called him “wonder boy” and the staff lined the open rooms as we walked by to see a glimpse of the living baby!! The office had been in close contact with Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and saw him prior to the life flight to Pittsburgh. It was no secret, in that small office, that his condition had been very grave.  One of the PA’s that I had never met before told me she was reading my blog, she is a friend of a friend 🙂 They made his appointment a half hour before they opened after lunch so no one would catch what he had and he would not be exposed to anything new that someone else had. I am very grateful for that consideration. If you would, pray for protection for our little man.

And…truth is stranger than fiction. Ray is chasing Ian in an ambulance as I write this. Ian came running downstairs saying he had been stung.He had defended Benjamin from a wasp.  What did the wasp look like? Ian took anti-venom therapy for the recommended five years against wasps and white hornets. We found out when he was four that he was lethally allergic to paper wasps. So we did the therapy every week for five years. We drove an hour for his shots.  Over the years since completion of the therapy he has been stung many times. The anti venom therapy works great for up to three stings. Guess how many stings he got tonight?…THREE of course. I gave him two Benadryl and an Allegra. He got in a cool shower. He was breaking out in hives in five minutes. He was itching he was complaining his skin was tingling and numb.  His lips began to swell.

 Ray took off with him to the hospital and they only made it a mile away to the fire hall where the ambulance workers gave him epinephrine, put in an IV and whizzed him off to the hospital. Ray is in hot pursuit, he called me…

Life is just nuts isn’t it? Praise God he is old enough to talk now and tell me what he was feeling. Ray said he looked like a 50-year-old man by the time he got the mile away to the ambulance service…his whole face was swelling. He got stung three times in a row on his chest…not his face.

Pray for protection for Eli and healing for Ian, thank you.

“Hear my cry, Oh God: attend unto my prayer. From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For thou has been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy.” Psalm 61:1-3


One comment on “Wonder Boy and Ambulance Chasing again

  1. They say that God only gives you what you can handle, but wow, you guys have been put to the test for sure. So glad that little Eli is home. When my twins came home on apnea monitors and had the leeds stuck to them, I found that baby oil was the only thing that could get the gummy stuff off of their skin. See if that works for Eli’s hair. Praying for you all. Will monitor your blog for update on Ian.

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