Playing Tag Team

Playing Tag Team

They have it planned, I know they do. I lay Eli down and Ethan wakes. I feed Ethan and Eli wants to eat at EXACTLY the same time so he screams or I feed Eli and Ethan screams…hmmm… It must be a code. Now the pooping is quite different, Eli is very scheduled with his poo and Ethan, well Ethan is just a young’un 😀 Amazing what the difference three months does to pooping!

I took Ethan along with Eli to his doctor’s appointment. A doctor’s visit is recommended in the first few days after discharge from a NICU or PICU or other hospital stay. Luckily, I had a visit already scheduled for Eli and they agreed to see Ethan at the same time.

First Ethan: well, the doctor wanted me to talk to the therapist about his splint for his wrist. I asked him if he thought he would need a new splint before the few weeks it will take Sheila and Rick to take him over the border. Ethan gained some weight, he is now 8lb 8oz. We are not sure what or how much he can see; and his left arm and hand need therapy. As the doctor listened to Ethan’s hr, he was concerned because it was in the high 180’s to 200…granted he was crying but even so the doc let me know about it. It did self-regulate back to the normal range, but …so many questions with Ethan.

Eli had gained so much weight; he is now almost 14lb. That rice cereal is packing on the weight let me tell you. The doctor said he was jovial, a sign of advanced 5 month development, or maybe Eli is just happy 😀 As far as lungs: clear, hr: normal…basically a normal baby with delays. Sooo he got his four month shots. Don’t even let me get into that. Ray HATES the number of shots the babies are required to get…

That afternoon the babies were each checked by the physical therapist. Eli is doing well; making great strides and trying to be in “balance” on his left and right side: a little baby yoga maybe ?

Ethan is at the very beginning of his journey. The therapist showed me how to use the splint we already have in a different position to make it kind of work, but the thumb is misplaced from the molded area for it…She looked at his MRI results and was happy with what he was doing. She also was unsure about his sight and was very encouraging about the ability of a baby to relearn after a stroke. She was also thinking he may be having seizure activity and told me to listen to him to see if he makes any odd sounds…Now I hear everything and say…”is that odd??” geez can drive yourself nuts doing that 😀 Same exercises as Eli, except for eye work…

I forget what it is like to actually sleep…sleep…even the word…ahhh…

You know that God is bringing arms to hold the extra little one. One day it was grandma, then our niece Steph, then Sheila and Rick came to visit, then Kristen and Chrissy, then kids home from school, then Kristen and Chrissy again… provision. Pray that Sheila and Rick are able to expedite the ICPC process and little Ethan can go home to see specialists there. Pray for healing for his wrist and arm and please God, his eyesight…his vision seems to come and go, normal for after a stroke the therapist said. So we wait for reunification of Ethan with mommy and daddy who miss him very much!


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