Kandles and Kids

Kandles and Kids

Friday was a day of tornado warnings and fussy babies. Eli was having a sick day, probably from his shots. Ethan just loves to be held and putting him down usually resulted in crying. Around 7pm, the winds started going sideways and the cows were acting like they NEEDED to get to the barn, so I made everyone go to the cellar. Whatever it was passed over us and we made our way back upstairs. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something kind of like lightning intensity, more like a welder in brightness, arcing from the ground to the sky. Our power flickered on then off multiple times. Then it was gone… Later we found out a tornado touched down briefly about a mile away.

We ended up calling the electric company since we could see lights on in all the other houses. Mazie was panicking, Ben was going around singing “Happy Birthday” and blowing out all the candles the older children lit to keep the younger children from being frightened. The babies had gone to sleep. The power company, after speaking to us, decided we needed to call 911 since the line was down on the road.

Enter flashing lights, loud motors, and very bright emergency beams. Goodbye Benjamin. He just checked out. Since he is in the Autism Spectrum, too much new stimulation, he made himself invisible. Around 1am, the power was fixed and the children were in bed. Time for baby A to wake, followed shortly by baby B 😀

I was completely exhausted when Saturday rolled around: of course Friday melded into Saturday seamlessly with no big sleep for any of us. On Saturday, Benjamin would only eat pickles and crackers and had multiple melt downs. He lost his speech. His language became jumbled constants and sounds. My poor buddy. We went nowhere and kept the day very stable, very un-stimulating, and tried to let him regroup. It is the unexpected that throws him. He needs us to be the constant.

IT was then I remembered: a year ago on the day the power lines came down, our house almost burnt in the dryer fire…Memorial Day week and weekend wow!! You know, God planned this busy season to take my mind off of the five year anniversary of our loss of Enoch 5/26/2007. Missing you.


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