Lazy Summer Day

Rugrats® playing on the Netflix®, the car door slamming outside the living room window as Benjamin, obsessed with the car doors at the moment, opens and closes the doors many times. Ian, good son that he is, flies down the steps to drag Ben back up the steps away from the car since he usually ends up locking himself inside it!

 An argument erupts as they fight over whose turn follows the choice of Rugrats®. Mazie stands on the sweeper, holding the handle for balance, and I wonder why my sweepers don’t last long…she lifts her feet and hangs, balanced, solely on the handle.

 Ray is cutting down more hay, Levi is at work, and Micah is on Facebook® chatting to his girlfriend. Eli is napping.  And Ben is now trying to escape out the side door. I persuaded Micah to take him on a walk, pushing him in the jogging stroller. He just wants OUT of Here! Mazie is dying to go also and Micah said, “OK, as long as you listen to me…” Fat chance of that 😀

It is a typical lazy summer day. The jobs are finished for the most part, all the animals are fed, it is mid-afternoon, and things are very slow. I wish sometimes I could just take a mental snapshot of these days…they sure will not last forever.

Mazie just came back up the steps, she is refusing to go since Micah will not let her take her yellow bike… can’t blame him, she is very fast on that and will definitely not listen on the power YELLOW bike 🙂 He wants her to WALK with him.

Faith just discovered half of the children left the room and nosily asks, “where are they going??”…she MUST know everything, just her nature.

Got a call from Grandma who is missing Eli in particular, she wants him to have something special and is not sure what…

Ahh, the cool breeze from the ceiling fan is making me feel like taking a nap while Eli is napping; Ben, Mazie, and Micah are on a walk; Ian is reading a library book; Ray is still cutting hay; Levi is still at work; and Shyloh and Faith are watching Phineas and Ferb®, the next choice on Netflix®.  Why not? I have something in the crock pot for supper…zzzz yeah right… Eli wakes…”Hi, Honey!!”


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