And one of them is a FAKER

And ONE of them is a FAKER

I cannot even backtrack the last few weeks and write about what we have been doing. It is too overwhelming. That is partly why my blog has not been active for the last two weeks, but I will do better. Starting right now!!


I emailed baby boy’s family and begged for a break. Bless them, they came and took him  for a while (ICPC  is STILL pending) Ray’s niece, boyfriend and her two little children needed somewhere to be for a while (they were homeless and on their way to NY). Well the house is fairly full, but the camper…

Grandma with Analescia and Christina

Their little girls, aged two and three, are very busy; and with Ethan too, I needed relief. I was pleading with God, telling him I have really been trying and I am just sooo tired… Because, not only did we have company, I had sick children.

At the Doctor’s

I called the doctor for a sick visit for five: The doctor visit revealed, two ear infections, one asthmatic episode, Another asthmatic with an eye and an ear infection… and one FAKER…. Can you guess which one???

MAZIE 🙂 gotta love her!!


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