I’ve got Silver in the Stars

I’ve got Silver in the Stars

And Gold in the morning Sun.

red eyed white Holland Lop

A day of thankfulness and here goes 🙂

Rhode Island Red chicken.

I am thankful for God who loved me. He saw me struggling with bitterness, feeling as if no one could love me. And you, God, saw me and loved me and I knew it. From that point on, it didn’t and still doesn’t matter who approves of what I do, or don’t do. I live to please you, God. Only YOU.

Cornish Cross meat chickens

I am thankful for sunshine after the rain.

Brown Swiss girls soaking in the sun.

I am thankful for the animals God has given us to take care of: Aren’t they beautiful? When the wind catches the feathers and fur, and lifts them into the sun, they glow like fire…who cannot see that? Look…and you will see…Gold and Silver.

Baby calf eye

You’re just a Country Boy, money have you none. You’ve got silver in the stars and gold in the morning sun. (link is Alison Krauss singing this song)

Back of a Swiss 🙂

Jake's warm golden brown eye :) Gold


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