Will we ever see him Again?

“Will we ever see him again?”  My beautiful daughter with a longing to hold the temporary baby, asks me.

“I don’t know, maybe in heaven.” I reply.

It did not end at all as I expected. Anger and rage towards us. Pushing us away violently after picking him up two weeks ago; I expect no further contact in this world.

And as far as baby is concerned, the specialist seemed happy with his physical progress, his weight, height and mobility. The family was given permission to take him home after that long ordeal of two months. I am so happy for baby!!

God reminded me with her simple question that this anger doesn’t matter. In the end, what matters in this life is the very breath of the moment. We did not miss that opportunity to make a difference. I never regret saying  “yes;” when the chips fall, we did what God asked.

And one day, that baby will grow, become a young man, and his soul will go somewhere… And if he chooses, A big hug in heaven will be waiting 🙂 There is a lot of time between, but, in the streets of gold and the house being prepared for us; maybe, just maybe we will find him again.


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