Bottoms UP!!

Bottoms UP!!

Three tables of diners, butts in the air, looking under the bench seats…for the elusive binky:

Yes, our dining experiences always are not in the normal realm. In fact, rarely are they “normal.” We snuck away, just the three of us. That was the plan anyway. Until, as we went to leave, Ray got a phone call about showing his mom’s house that is for sale. Stubborn one that I am, I left with the baby. Hey, I am flexible like that!

Next thing you know, Ray caught up with me and yes, we were, butts in the air looking for the binky while junior decided that the conversation had to include him. After all, he was on the date too!! We could not find that binky, so we persuaded him that a shiny spoon was a lot of fun. That lasted all of two minutes.

Before we knew it, three tables were looking for that binky that somehow, when he spat it out, rolled somewhere.

The waitress, seeing our dilemma, pulled out a row of booth seats and there it was!! BINKY. Quiet, and at the end of our date. But, we worked as a team, got in a few laughs and both rode home in our separate vehicles in relative quiet. Success!! A date 🙂

this is not our baby and this is not our binky 🙂



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