“Running around with a chicken like your head is cut off.” The kids give me that puzzled look and erupt in laughter. I think perimenopause was made just for me to lighten up… somehow my words are so jumbled and I have trouble remembering things. But…hey ( I just typed yeh instead of hey) if laughter gets me through, I am so much for laughter.

The kids constantly use me as a joke…guess what mom said today…. Honestly I have no idea how some of these things come out of my mind unfiltered out my mouth and into the kids ears. I call their brother…come here girly…ugh I mean son…luckily I do it to everyone all the time so there is no insult taken.

What is worse is sometimes they will ask me… “WHAT??” and I will repeat the same nonsense I just said word for word.  What is wrong with me?? My mind has become little boxes. If the word is somehow filed in the box with another word, it is a crap shoot which one my mind will select to speak…So, if you hear me say something that makes no sense, just laugh and move on. Don’t worry, my kids are keeping tabs 🙂


One comment on “SAy WHAT??

  1. I love you Esther and you are not going senile alone we will be side by side in our rocking chairs speaking a language no one else will understand! lol

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