Autism, isn’t it lovely?

A truck pulls up and honks. I release Eli’s foot after pulling the sock on over his sleeper foot. I just gave him a bath after feeding him. He is typical baby messy 🙂

“Mrs. Xxx,” I hear my name called. That is never a good thing. I ran out onto the deck… “Isabella is up the road with your son, he is in the ditch.” I frantically asked if he was OK, he said, “Yes he is fine, but he is out there without any shoes on and I knew…”

Autism, isn’t it lovely?  Benjamin came into the bathroom while I was bathing Eli. He was happy to give me a pink towel with flowers for the baby…After I gathered Eli’s clothes, I asked Faith to check on him…”he’s on the deck,” she said. That was like two minutes before the car honked. It is at a crisis state now. This has happened three times in the past three weeks. I sometimes resort to using a safety vest and tying him to the cast iron heater while I shower, bath the baby, etc. But, it has been a few days since his last elopement. And Hope springs eternal…

Isn’t Elopement supposed to be a fun thing? A couple sneaks away and finds a priest or Justice of the Peace or Judge in a state that allows spur of the moment hitching…This elopement is not fun at all. There is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow…

It is time…I am buying an alarm for our doors. The special ones with the wrist bracelets that make the alarm only sound for him are over seven hundred dollars for two doors. I am afraid if I get just the bell ones that ring every time the door is opened, we will learn to ignore it when we know one of our many children is leaving the house and he could escape unknown…We have to figure something out.  Ray has a solution he told me this morning. He is running two strands of electric fence around the yard and putting a two strand gate closer to the yard. We must do something. I am sick with worry.

I need to be honest here. I am scared…he is sneaky, and so much pressure is on me to keep him safe. Sometimes I am not sure that I can do that unless I strap him to my side.

Today we removed the television so we can hear better. He knows how to unlatch the door safety locks to keep him in, but they usually make some noise. Maybe we will catch him more often, just maybe it will save his life. It is so scary, he is only three…


One comment on “Autism, isn’t it lovely?

  1. Esther, think about putting a slide lock up higher on the door so the kids can’t reach it. Yes it will mean when someone knocks–you will need to answer. I thought the idea about tying him to the cast iron heater was good also.

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