“Blessed are the Uncool”

This was sent to me by my sister Susan. Canaan is her son: blogged with permission 🙂
Susan writes : Canaan sent me an article that really hit me between the eyes. It was labeled “Blessed are the Uncool”.
Here are some of the things that spoke to my heart:
…”I want to be part of an un-cool church because I want to be part of a community that shares the reputation of Jesus, and like it or not, Jesus’ favorite people in the world were not cool. They were mostly sinners, misfits, outcasts, weirdos, poor people, sick people, and crazy people.
Cool congregations can get so wrapped up in the “performance” of church that they forget to actually be the church, a phenomenon painfully illustrated by the story of the child with cerebral palsy who was escorted from the Easter service at Elevation Church for being a “distraction.” Church can be a lot like the Y…or a Starbucks bathroom.
We have one place for the un-cool people (ministries in the church) and another place for the cool people (church services). When we actually bump into one another, things can get awkward, so we try to avoid it.
It’s easy to pick on Elevation Church in this case, but the truth is we’re all guilty of thinking we’re too cool for the least of these. Our elitism shows up when we forbid others from contributing art and music because we deem it unworthy of glorifying God, or when we scoot our family an extra foot or two down the pew when the guy with Aspergers sits down. Having helped start a church, I remember hoping that our hip guests wouldn’t be turned off by our less-than-hip guests. For a second I forgot that in church, of all places, those distinctions should disappear.
Some of us wear our brokenness on the inside, others on the outside.
But we’re all broken.
We’re all un-cool.
We’re all in need of a Savior.
So let’s cut the crap, pull the plug, and have us some distracting church services… the kind where Jesus would fit right in”.
My take on it: (Brownswissmomma speaking 🙂 )
Churches need to be a place that a family with a special needs child is welcomed. When one member of the family is special, the whole family is special and bends around the needs of the child… If the church is not a place for them to find rest and comfort, where I ask you, Where is it to be found? Churches you are called to fix this problem RIGHT NOW… THanks 🙂

One comment on ““Blessed are the Uncool”

  1. this is why I chose to go to the baptist church in Nanty Glo….the church I was raised in is too proper…too stuffy…and they forgot about the true meaning behind jesus…they are too busy trying to be perfect! Well I am not perfect and I dont know anyone who is…I hope that my daughter can find hope in the baptist church because her first visit will be Sunday!

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