Love over Glory

Love over Glory

The animals have arrived, the weights are in. Today the dairy barn will be populated, at the fair…minus our family.

It takes a while to acknowledge that when one of the family members is special, the whole family is special.

Another local fair had eleven cases of swine flu, H1N3, a single mutation from the feared H1N1 flu transmitted by swine. The current reports are that it is only transmittable from pigs to humans at this time, but the CDC is unsure if human to human transmission has occurred yet. Whether or not it has up to this time is really irrelevant, they expect that to happen at any time

Most of the project pigs are purchased at a few club pig auctions in the area. Many of the local counties go to the same auctions. The probability of a pig from our county being purchased at the same auction as the pigs carrying the H1N3 is probable. The warnings are to not pet the pigs…I can warn the children, but I expect disobedience from at least one. Friends saying, “come and see my pig!” to at least one of our kids is great…Also, to say don’t hang around the kids who have project pigs is like saying put yourself in a bubble. There are 120 pigs shown every year at our fair.

Eli. That’s all I have to say is Eli. Just the thought of it makes me sick to the stomach and want to cry. We know the flu season is just around the corner. We know that the probability of him becoming infected with some type of respiratory flu is inevitable. But, to knowingly present that possible risk to him is unconscionable. For what? A few ribbons?

So this year we are home. Ian took it well. Shyloh was disappointed and even more disappointed, was Faith. But as we spoke to the children last week, they looked at their little helpless baby brother, completely at our mercy as far as our choice. At the end of the day, we all have to live with the choices we make. And for the children, I love them so much, they chose love over glory. Love won the day. A few moments of tears, but resignation and support for our decision was their overriding response.

I love our children and I am SO PROUD to be called their momma.


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