It has been a long time coming. I must admit, my mind continues to drift into what COULD happen. It won’t happen, but it COULD :/ So I stop myself and think. It has been 8 months and they have not contacted anyone, they have not even, as far as I know, allowed themselves to be served the papers for Termination. So I don’t THINK anyone will show for the hearing to protest their rights being taken…

Eli, doing what a baby does best!

Yikes, what a word. Don’t you think we can come up with something else? On September 18th, tomorrow, paperwork will be presented to the judge that Eli was abandoned and the birth parents rights and legal father rights will be terminated. They will be notified that they have 30 days to appeal. Then, Eli will be a true “orphan,” no legal parents.

lots of clawing at his face.

At that time, we can petition the court to adopt him. During this brief time when he is “orphaned,” we have to file paperwork to prove he is special needs, so he will be eligible for assistance. The “special needs” designation would provide a medical card for him.

Most insurance does not provide help with developmental delays. Some providers only accept the Access card for Therapeutic Support Staff, Behavioral Therapists, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy….Feeding Therapy the list goes on.

Oxygen and monitors. His coloring is better.

Today when the speech therapist came, he was his typical quiet self with no new sounds, and she observed some motor action of his mouth, but no sound emerging. He may need some play therapy for some cognition help. So, yes, we really need this designation to help him reach his FULL potential. I am excited to think what that might be.

For those of you who supported our adoption so far, here is a run-down of the new expenses I have paid with this paypal account:

$405.00 for the pediatrician, insurance did not cover when they clipped his tongue to enable him to eat/suck, since it was ORAL surgery?? Paid.

Paying now: $650.00 for our home study update: since the adoption is not yet finalized and our old home study is expired, we needed an update and new clearances/references/physicals. All paperwork is now completed and the money will be sent this week.

Lawyer: originally he stated $700.00 for this next installment for termination. However, since neither birth mom, birthfather, or legal father would accept being served the papers, PA requires advertising. Philadelphia papers are expensive to advertise in, the lawyer told me there would be an uptick in the cost, but I do not know as of yet what the cost is until he sends me the notification and a bill. I assume it will be MORE than $700…

and the last installment will come after the petition to adopt is accepted. At this point, that will be $700.00 unless something changes in the meantime.

Can’t wait!! Thank you all so much for helping make Eli our legal son. Of course, he already is our son in our heart!


2 comments on “Termination

  1. Hi Esther~ I understand exactly what you are going through right now! Larry and I are just through the termination of the biological mother’s rights and are waiting now for the 30 day grace period that she can appeal. It’s sooooo very emotional – sometimes we are pinching ourselves that this is finally coming to be! November 2nd we will legally become the proud parents of Brayden but as you say…… he’s been our child from the beginning in our hearts!! This love is soooooo powerful and great isn’t it?! God is great!! He watches out for all of His little lambs…… God bless you in your journey too!

  2. wow that is very soon!! Hope we have a date quickly and don’t have to wait a long time to know when the finalization hearing will be… God bless you Debbie had no idea you were adopting!

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