Be Careful What you Pray for… You Just Might get a CAT !!

Be Careful What you Pray for…You just Might get a CAT !!

Benjamin has had very hard behaviors for a momma to watch. He gets stuck on things and dynamite cannot remove them from his head. If I interrupt one of his cycles, he gets VERY angry. I work hard to redirect him to something more desirable and he either reverts to another behavior I thought we had finished with or he starts something new. At that time, I have to decide if I can live with this new or revised behavior over and over again for a very long time. If the answer is yes, I let it stay. If no, then I try to look for something better with which to replace it.

His new thing was “scripting” he would watch something on video then repeat it over and over again. Acting out all the movements and parts… We could not get through the barrier to actually communicate. Our communication was basically repeating… “ a clue, a clue”.

At night, I would put him to bed, and put my hand on his head after he fell asleep. I pray over him as he sleeps, “please God, heal his mind. Give me wisdom. Help me to know what to do tomorrow.” There is no way he actually lets you tuck him in when he is awake, he doesn’t like you to touch his blankets or rearrange his things. He says, “no, Thomas. No, pig. No, dog. No touch it.”

So last week, in came “CAT.” I guess I prayed for her and didn’t know it. (Figures it would be a female 🙂 ) .

We have a balcony off the kitchen about eight feet off of the ground. We have lived here for fifteen years with many, many cats. Ours, the drop offs, the neighbor’s… (We live on a farm and of course a farm needs more… CATS, at least everyone thinks we do). Never has a cat scaled the 6×6 posts or the cement cellar wall to gain access to the balcony, except for “CAT.”

I opened the door last week and there she was…Ben saw her first scooped her up and started a conversation about cat… with cat … An actual conversation… to me about cat… full sentences, expression !! Smearing that cat’s fur all over his face and body, rubbing his cheeks on her back, how could I say NO?

So be careful, when you pray for wisdom, healing, God to direct, you just might get a CAT!!



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