Ok now, the TRUTH

OK now, the TRUTH

What has kept me from blogging? Fraud, Therapy overload, and Business closing delays:

First let’s take the most exciting: FRAUD

Yes, fraud…in the legal sense. Eli’s birthmother wasn’t fair. She was married, but Eli is not his child; they were separated. She did not want him to know so… she moved back in with her husband and intercepted the mail, signed for him. They fought, she moved out and he got the LAST the very LAST notice…the only way he could appeal the decision was FRAUD. Well…he contacted the lawyer for termination and tried to confirm dates of the birth, etc. We are still not sure what he will do: he can show up at the “new” hearing or request DNA. The new hearing is December the 12th . He has not requested DNA samples from Eli, I think we would know 😀 .

October and November 2012 052

Gave me a lot to think about… what if it was my son and that happened. It is his right, we would not fight it. I guess for a while I was hurting and scared, but I feel calm now. No matter which way it falls, we would have done nothing different. We would have loved Eli the same, cared for him the same. If he goes, will it break our heart? YES a thousand times Yes, but God knows what is best for him, and the legal father has a right too. It is not his fault, he didn’t know.

easter 2012 heavy 021

Ok the next item: therapy overload. Too many people; from 2:30 pm onward to the evening, we usually have three extra adults in the house: two TSS es, and a BSC. (TSS: therapeutic staff specialist, BSC: behavioral/social counselor). Ben has a TSS and so does Mazie; they share the same BSC. During the day, Eli has feeding and speech therapy once a week and a nutritional specialist once a month. So, I am feeling I need a break, a vacation from all the specialists. To tell you the truth, other than a moment here or there, I am not sure what the TSS es are doing. The BSC has a plan…we are on our third BSC in four months. Mazie has had three TSS es in four months, and Ben has had two. Staff changes are crazy.

And last: business closing delays. We are buying a business I mentioned before, but unbeknownst to us, the lawyer we have and the lawyer the business retained have a history…and not a good one. So they kept expecting the other one to be unfair. But, finally, we signed a sales agreement 😀 . Now the bank is doing its thing. Pray for us here, economically it looks to be a very bad time to buy anything, but we felt we were in a corner and this was a very open door. So, we are asking for God to bless it and for wisdom for decisions.

Expect to have kid updates soon. I am ready to write more fun news!!


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