For YOU !!

Bursting through the door after the elementary school concert, dark eyes shining, hand outstretched holding… a McDonald’s sweet tea. Now, my kiddos know me. I don’t get much when they want to stop at a fast food place, but that sweet tea; well, I never say no. And only for ONE DOLLAR 😀

Christmas elementary concert 077

Of course, to think that they even thought of me when they went there, let alone spend money on me, made my momma heart melt. So of course I said, “Thanks so much, Ian! Thanks for thinking of me!”

And, honest boy that he is; he felt a TAD uncomfortable, and confessed, “Mom, Levi and I didn’t drink all of ours, so we poured them together for YOU 😀 Only kids… only kids… made me want to give him a big squeeze right there on the spot! I couldn’t stop laughing!! I just couldn’t bring myself to drink it though, backwash and all…

Christmas elementary concert 078




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