Termination…2nd time !!

Termination II

A no show; no certified mail; no lawyer showed; no contact with the court!! Can you believe it? I am so relieved. The legal father has now had his rights terminated also, pending the thirty day appeal time frame. According to our lawyer; unless he was unable to send someone, call, appoint someone to call for a continuance (like he was in a coma), he would not have grounds for an appeal… the judge signed the order for termination 🙂

If you remember from my former post, the birth mother of Eli committed fraud and signed for the legal father so a second termination hearing had to be scheduled just for his rights to be terminated separately.  The birth mother and the unknown birth father’s rights were terminated back in September. We were really unsure if he would contact the court, he told the agency’s lawyer that he was going to consult an attorney, etc. He had called our lawyer four different times, but did not follow through with any contact with the court. He was very angry with her deception, justifiably so.

October and November 2012 032

(this picture was actually taken October 2012)

So, now Grandma can love Eli as long as she lives, and we will have a precious son, legally, in a few months!

I had no idea how much the emotional limbo was bothering me until today. I feel like crying, laughing and the sun seems brighter. Those of you praying with us, thank you so much… We love our son!


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