A Glimpse of Sunshine

A Glimpse of Sunshine

October and November 2012 029

He runs through the house, intent on one thing….The refrigerator door is flung open. “Where’s the milk? Oh there’s the milk. Where’s the chocolate? Oh,, there’s the chocolate.”

I ask, “Do you want some juice instead?”

“Where’s the cup? Oh, there’s the cup.”

“Benjamin, do you want some toast too?”


“Do you want toast or cereal?”


“Do you want cereal or toast?”


So I get both out. “See, which one do you want?”

“I want that one!”

I can tell you by rote what he says, because it does not vary much and most of it is said with a very flat tone (affect). But I get these glimpses of blissful sunshine. He loves a snuggle… occasionally and very tight! He shines a huge fleeting smile in the general direction of your face, if the beams catch your eye, you have been kissed by the sun. Something is happening inside, but you just wish you could see and hear it too. Love my Benjamin, just love my Benjamin.

October and November 2012 046

He is very jealous of my lap. The baby is allowed on it, but other than that, it belongs to him. If Mazie attempts to sit on my lap, bingo here comes Benjamin. First he horns his way into my free arm, then he begins to push or kick poor Mazie Moo off my lap…”Now, Benjamin…” “Get off, get out of here…” Then he begins his talking that sounds like it is in another language. He can SAY anything, but what he understands of language, no one knows. My goal is to pay more attention to other language signs and ignore the words. Try to say the words that are missing when I do “get it.”

“Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. golden Sun, please shine down on me…”

 kids Christmas pictures 038


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