You can hear my mind churning

Deming is a fully Chinese baby boy who was born on November 17 with Down’s Syndrome.  He is a U.S. citizen and is in California.            Deming’s mother became pregnant in China, and because it is illegal for her to have a second child, arrangements were made for her to give birth in the U.S.  At the birth, it was discovered that the child had Down’s.  The mother must return to China on January… 11.        The birth father is in China. He must travel to a U.S. consulate to sign relinquishments.       This will be a Direct Parental Consent adoption.  A family must have a current homestudy and highest priority will be given to families who live in California.       If a family lives outside CA, they must travel to CA and stay until the father signs consent and state clearance is obtained in both CA and your homestate. This could be a significant wait of a month or more.       The agency fee, which includes birthmother counseling, and a translator for the birth mother, will be $7500.  The new adoptive family will be responsible for all legal bills which should not come to over $8000. Travel costs are your responsibility.       Since the birthmother is leaving to return to China on January 11, we are in a crisis situation and need a family right away.       Please share this to your Facebook and to any list serves. This needs to go viral because the need is very urgent. Contact us at 

You can hear my mind churning… oh my goodness…and yes I did contact them…



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