I want Momma!

I want momma

Bens pics and Eli 108

Ahhh… Ahhh …Ahhh…A pawing and pulling as two blue eyes full of tears peep around the computer at me. The blondish red hair in perfect form as always, but the eyes are red rimmed and the mouth is open with double faucets of a nose dripping too. Since we have purchased the business, I have been spending time doing what I can do from home. Before, my computer time was limited to when he was napping, but not anymore.

Bens pics and Eli 109

With one swipe of his hand, he cancelled my order for Quickbooks Pro ® and I had to start over. Point taken. I put the computer aside and love on my baby boy. He is almost one and time goes so fast.

Bens pics and Eli 038

A quick four teeth grin and he melts into my arms.  He just wants his momma…ALL of his momma. My heart melts for my children. The love inside feels like an ache, a fullness that pours out, and the embrace grows softer and tenderer. We were made for this. We were MADE for this. Inside we know it, our subconscious acknowledges it and we can either surrender to it or push it away.

I choose to surrender and savor the moment; it is the only one EXACTLY like this one. The next time, he might wiggle, he might have more teeth and not smile. But this moment is precious and unique. I surrender.


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