And the Cat’s in the Dryer and The Silver Spoon

And the Cat’s in the dryer and the Silver Spoon

It only took a minute, I promise! The kids had a two hour delay due to the ice/slush mixture we woke up to this morning. My schedule hit the skids and my morning routine was not at all routine. 🙂  It was lunch time and the load of clothes I had gathered to put in the washer in the early am was still sitting on the floor by the cellar door.

Ben and washer 017

The washer was banned to the cellar because the spinning was lovely, too lovely for Benjamin. I made Benjamin one of his ten foods he will eat, two dippy eggs and two pieces of toast. It MUST be two of each. He still sits in the high chair, liking the snuggly feel and security of the tray confining him. So, baby in a baby proof downstairs, bathroom door shut, nothing dangerous around, Ben in his chair…quickly, quickly…. “Ben I’ll be right back.” And quick as Santa coming down the chimney, I slid down the stairs, bolted over to the washer, took out the wet clothes, put in my new load and came up the stairs.

As I reached mid stair, I heard a clang…I pushed open the door. Benjamin was nowhere around, and the baby had an egg on his head. I saw right away, Ben had released himself from his prison and set the tray on the floor. Baby must have toddled over and picked up the plate and tried to put it on his head. I sent Ben to his room and bathed the baby.

The kiddos came home from school. They were laughing about the egg head. Then I remembered, “Ian, can you put those wet clothes in the dryer?” He opened the dryer door, and out hopped the cat.


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