Some sunsets are blazing flames of red, orange, yellow, pink.

Frequently, rays of light emanate from behind dark clouds showing something spectacular is going on at the horizon.

But there are sunsets where the whole sky is covered with clouds, gray and black. When the sun goes down on days like this, the only way we know the sun has set is there is an absence of light.

My mom is in her sunset days. It seemed as if in her early years when we were home, she glowed like the sun. Many people were drawn to her by her light that shone brightly when she smiled and laughed. Her heart of compassion knew no boundaries, she had her door open to anyone who wanted to come…and stay a while.

As her life went on, and we moved out and started our families, one by one the clouds came to stay for the day. Depression, pain, disability,  dementia: she is changed but the same. Inside she wants us to stay a while, but her outside doesn’t. Her inside has tenderness and love, but her pain pushes us away.  We see glimpses of the sun, as the clouds scatter for an instant…then quickly they roll back.

I pray that her sunset is glorious and magnificent; that the rays shine around the clouds. I wish for her a parting of the clouds, the richness of color, the shimmery of sun bursts, as the sun meets the horizon, I wish for her everything she has always been…. and is … be visible… oh that it would be so.


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