The Days the Screaming Never Stops

Bens pics and Eli 104
Yes we have those days, got em’. Eli was sick all night with a temperature and throwing up.

Bens pics and Eli 019

Mazie had two days straight of screaming at me, at her toys, at the siblings. It was the fruit salad. Hives on Saturday, we had three new foods so we eliminated one. Hives on Sunday; eliminated another one. Hives and swollen face, scalp, raised hives everywhere on Monday. It was the fruit salad; strawberries. I would have never guessed; she has eaten strawberries before and never had a problem, sigh.

Bens pics and Eli 014

Ben doesn’t do screaming well, he reacts to Mazie’s screaming in his own way: “SHUT UP, BE QUIET”…GRRRRRR…. “You go to your room.” “Mommy wants you.” “GRRRR…”
The kids had Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. So today, when they went to school, I unplugged everything. No TV, no Music, no Computer, no Wii, nothing…nothing…but Ben still was screaming. He was being mean to Eli, and angry with everything…then I found it.

Bites out of the bologna in the fridge; now for most kids this is not a big deal. But for Ben, that meant he had processed meat. The very thing I removed from his diet because God told me to…and it reduced his anger in a big way. So those bites meant anger, frustration, and discontent. My poor buddy. Here’s for hoping that the reaction is short lived.

I think that is a hug?

I think that is a hug?

My brain is fried. There is something that screaming does to a brain. You can feel it. The brain takes itself and twists into a knot and then shuts the doors and you go into some strange daze of scream shock. Parts of your brain begin to shut down and you can no longer think, hear, focus or work. Pray for my kiddos and for me, these few days have been a rough run.

When communication is a problem…a scream gets one’s attention!


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