God owns the cattle on a thousand hills… we have one week to raise $19,000.

We are matched again… 🙂 As always, we wait and see if families come forward. In this case, this baby was matched twice… and both fell through. The concern of the workers is if they did not find a match very soon as in right away, this baby would have gone into the system…
Here it was again:
(URGENT Available) Birth mother has been diagnosed by continual prenatal care that she is having a DOWN SYNDROME BABY. This birth mother is currently in Orange County Jail. No drugs. In prison for robbery. Good prenatal care. All Caucasian birth mother due April 20th. This baby need a couple who will love it and care for it. Birth mother is secure in her decision to adopt. Please call if you are interested in this child. It will be due soon and all want this baby to go to the arms of a couple who will take good care and love this child. Heartfelt fees will be reduced from $7,000 to $4,000. Attorney fees will be reduced from $15,000 to $12,000. Birthmother expenses will be $3,000. This totals a $19,000 adoption. There will be some costs with regard to this adoption. If you are out of state you will have approximately $2,000 California costs plus flight to California to pick up your baby. If any of you are signed with an agency, the attorney is willing to negotiate the finalization. We are negotiable. THIS BABY IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS ALL OTHERS!! (Updated 2/26/13)

And of course, it is NOT a good time…it is never a good time, but it is RIGHT and we feel CALLED…doesn’t she deserve a forever family too?? We are the only family to come forward. Would you not help us? If you feel led, please click on our donate button. I don’t have anything fancy to sell… or give away. If you are not able to at this time, please pray for God’s will…


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  1. I am all too familiar with the shoes you’re walking in tonite…. And I know it’s scary but I also know how great our God is! I’m praying for you friend and will pass along your story…. I can’t wait to see that sweet girl in your arms where I know she belongs!!

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