For Her

plead my cause[1]You know you have POWER !! You have power to change the life of ONE child. This expectant mom has chosen LIFE regardless of the testing. She knows her baby is worth saving and will have a HOPE and a FUTURE even though the world says Down syndrome children have “less quality of life”. She has faith that there is a family somewhere for her little girl. Two times families have backed down. Twice she has been rejected, please let her know we believe too. We believe that her precious baby is WORTH it and precious in God’s eyes. We as Christians, see and hear her.

This mother has decided that her baby is worth the discomfort of the 9 plus months of stretch marks, heartburn, and hormones, to give her the gift of LIFE. All I am asking is that you help give her the gift of FAMILY.

Doesn’t she need a family? Can you help? We are CALLED to this. Every Christian is given the MANDATE to care for the widows and the orphans. When she is born, and her mom and dad are in jail and she has no family isn’t she an orphan?? Isn’t she? This is not at all about me or Ray … it is about this precious one whom God loves.

We can say “I will pray for you, be warm be fed…” But is that how we change the world? Is that how we love our neighbors?
As of today we need $17980. We have already said YES by faith. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen… By Faith
Thank you so much for believing and giving for HER…for Her.


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