Blessed Abundantly

God has raised $1980 toward the adoption of this precious soul. I am beyond blessed and grateful to have friends and fellow sojourners like YOU! I know some of the stories behind the gifts; and I must say, you all humble me.

I am so unworthy, but blessed. I know there is still a mountain to climb, but I looked at the statistics from my blog and see that if everyone who visited even decided to give fifteen or twenty dollars towards the adoption, she would have a home. And that my friends, is in God’s hands.

I have PEACE. I am covered in prayer, as is our whole family, and most especially, this precious little girl. I am no longer frantic, as I see God working.

If you decide to give, and we do not raise the needed funds, or for some other reason this cannot move forward, I will return it back into your accounts or void your checks… But I feel God moving, and I am ready to see a little girl getting off of an airplane, and meeting her family, aren’t you?

And some of you have asked, this is THE SAME EXACT situation I asked you to pray about quite some time ago… here is the link!

So we now need $17,020, and God is more than able.

I found out some of the reasons the two families backed out…

lack of information. Since the expectant mom is in jail, the normal screenings and tests to see further if there are other complications with this little one having Down syndrome are not being done; many families are uncomfortable with the unknown. It is always scary not to know, it is scary; but God is molding her sight unseen.

Also, the subsidies and assistance may or may not be filed for this little one…another unknown. But, most families that adopt international children with Down syndrome have no assistance or subsidies.

So this little one’s situation falls outside of the “norm” of special needs adoption: but every one of our adoptions has been outside of the “norm”. I trust God, do you?

And thank you, my precious, precious friends.


One comment on “Blessed Abundantly

  1. Reblogged this on A Heart For Adoption and commented:
    SO excited to see the progress that is being made in this very special family’s fundraising efforts! 🙂 They still have a long way to go though, please pray, share their need, and give to their fund so they can step up and commit to being this special baby girl’s family!! :))

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