Amniocentesis and Five more Days

$2375.00 raised :  No worries. We have until Wednesday… 5 days.


I know God is on the THRONE and

He sees this baby, being made perfectly by His design,

He sees her momma,

and He sees YOU!!

There are a few tests that can be done to determine if the baby has Down syndrome. Because this young mother is not in the age range in which the test is usually performed, there was another reason. Her aunt has two children with Down syndrome, so it was determined she was higher risk in carrying baby with this genetic pattern. She had an amniocentesis.


An amniocentesis is where they insert a long needle into the amniotic sac to gather material floating around the baby containing skin cells. Using these cells, a genetic test can be done showing chromosomes. If the 21st chromosome is not in pairs, but in a group of 3, the baby is diagnosed as having Down syndrome. The accuracy for this test is in the high 90’s. This test is much more accurate than the others and carries with it the risk of miscarriage.

So, once this was known, no one in her family wished to parent this baby and she looked at the adoption option. Notice she looked at the ADOPTION option not the ABORTION option.

Spend all day in front of the abortion clinic, Christians. Spend and give thousands upon thousands for Pro-Life advertising…and this is where the rubber meets the road. Right here…if she knows she cannot parent, and she has chosen LIFE. This is the very point pro abortion advocates make…children like this are a burden to society, their quality of life is not worth the medical expendature and the time expendature. It is best that they never live, never feel the wind or feel the sun. It is just better. And they see the hypocracy of Christians that do NOTHING but talk…I have heard their arguments and have found that in many cases it is true, but it SHOULDN’T be!! It should matter, and it does. I pray every day that God raises UP and ARMY of CHRISTIANS that say… it is ENOUGH, I must do something… I see the army rising. Church RISE UP!!

Who will stand in the gap for her? Will YOU?? Whose problem is it? Whose blessing? Is this child REALLY a blessing in your eyes? We are willing to stand in the gap, but we need YOUR help!

Please pray and see what God is saying… I know what he told us.

Step…I am looking for my next rock in the middle of this flowing stream. Will you be a part of LIFE?

Balance : $16625.00



3 comments on “Amniocentesis and Five more Days

  1. In America, there are waiting lists for people who want to adopt a baby with Down syndrome, domestic and international. So many people see their value!!!! I thank God the woman carrying this baby sees the value, even if she chooses to pass that blessing on. I think the place the real rubber meets the road is when a family who considers themselves pro-life is given a prenatal diagnosis and then the vision of raising a child with Down syndrome becomes so very real. It’s a difficult place to be in. The woman carrying this baby is surely passing the test. God bless her.


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