Lord of the Harvest

I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

As Saturday turns into Sunday, I am going into a day of rest and prayer; asking God to move in a mighty way. I will not blog tomorrow.

I know from the comment on the last blog, that there is a perception from that writer that lots of families are waiting for Down syndrome babies.

 Well : yes and no. We have been in the adoption arena for a long time. And in some cases, yes there are many applicants for special little ones. But if the situation does not fit nicely into a “box”, then the unknowns and fear take over the perspective adoptive parents and no one applies. The two former perspective adoptive parents wanted all the answers and there were none to give. The extra tests on baby girl are not being done in jail. So they had a hard time committing to the placement. Believe me, I have emails from back at the very beginning of Jan about this situation. We sat back and waited, we would have loved for a family to come forward for her. But time is running out and we felt we should at least try to keep her out of state care and give her a permanent family.

We have also had comments on why there should be any cost, or such a high cost.

But the reality in adoption is that people make salaries, and most of the time the money for their salaries come from the adoptive placements they complete. You don’t read a lot about the cases in which the expectant mother does not place and the workers make nothing, and all they have is expenditures. You don’t hear anything because the perspective adoptive parents are heartbroken and die a little inside and keep it quiet. The costs and fees related to all adoptions have dramatically increased, as has almost everything other than houses! We do plan on negotiating the cost if we can, but we have to go under the assumption their quoted price is the cost of this placement.

I did want to give our physical address. I know it is just not done!! But some people do not like to send donations by paypal and prefer to send a check. That is fine too. If we do not reach the threshold for the agency, we will refund your paypal accounts and void your checks. Understand, they must be sent by Monday at the latest for us to receive them in time!  Every dollar adds up!

Ray Primel and Esther Gay-Primel

507 Kepple Road

Mineral Point. PA 15943

Amount raised $2520.00 

Lord of the harvest, send forth reapers.


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