A view from the Nursery

A view from the nursery:


Haha got you  🙂 We have had a busy week here at the farm. These two calves were born along with one other that did not make it. One of these is a bull and one a heifer. The calf that died was a bigger bull calf born to a first calf heifer.

Unfortunately, the vet had to come this morning because she had a partial uterine prolapse. He also had to look at one of our older cows that calved because she always goes into a funk about a week after delivery and decides eating and drinking are optional.




AND our Adoption NEWS :

Our adoption total collected is:


that includes all the donations received so far and what Ray and I can do… leaving the total needed at :

$ 11405

… looking doable isn’t it?? I put our address in the last post. Today would be the last day you could mail a check. The paypal button is of course on the right side of our blog page.

As the snow falls, and the days float one into another, she is growing and getting closer to entering this world. Please pray and see if you can help give this little one a permanent home from the beginning. That she would not have the attachment struggles so common to foster children along with her medical issues. Her expectant mother desires the best for her and I am sure being a foster child is not her desire. Would you help us make that a reality? Total needed two days left: $11, 405.



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