I know this may not make sense to some of you, but many of my friends and acquaintances will pay goober bucks for a seat at the game. Gas to the game, food at the game, tailgating before the game; and somehow the money is there for that, but when money is needed for something that is not fleeting, all of a sudden they have no money.  Where are we as a society when a super bowl mvp winner is paid so much, but a NICU doctor, a great therapist, teacher, is paid so little?  Trying to raise the funds for this little one is a huge struggle. I had 1000 unique visitors to the blog yesterday, and ten decided to donate for this precious angel.  To you ten, thank you , thank you, THANK YOU!!

Just to keep you up to speed:  Total donated 7,842

          Total needed 11,158

I have a day and a half.

Joe Flacco, Ravens’ Super Bowl MVP, now richest NFL player ever with $120.6- million.

Just to give you an idea if she were placed in foster care: her stay in the hospital would probably be lacking visitors, but the wonderful NICU and nursery nurses would love her up. Toward the end of her stay, a medical foster family would be assigned for temporary care for her until she “graduated” to a regular foster family. She would be cared for, but probably would be moved two times in her first year. Since her mom and dad are in jail, unless a grandmother or aunt wished to have visitors from her biological family, she would not have any visitors. The state would try to search for biological family that wished to parent her, this will take a lot of time. The biological family that is in the area had already considered this option and rejected it… so the search will widen. If she is placed an an awesome foster family she will learn how to bond, but if not, she won’t. She will be fed and taken to the doctors, caseworkers would determine her future the best they can, but since they are overworked, some of her case concerns will take a lot of red tape to be addressed. State care is a good place for children in which the stay is to be temporary and reunification is possible, but in this case; the mom and dad cannot parent this darling due to their circumstances. Cannot we as a church, as fellow human beings do a bit better than this? Is it the state’s responsibility for raising a child? Do you want them to raise yours? The greatest thing we as parents fear is that our children will be taken and placed in foster care. Don’t you think that is what this expectant mom is trying to avoid?  Pray with me, care with me, and let your mind THINK!

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world…


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    Over 1,000 new blog views for the Primel family’s blog, BUT only 10 donations!! The clock is ticking, they have just 2 days left to raise over $11,000… Come on church! It’s time to put word to action and come around this dear family in support! ♥ Please keep PRAYING, SHARING, & GIVING!

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