31 hours left, and loaves and fishes

God was showing me that you are not convinced the little that you have to offer is enough… It is enough… As each one gives a little, you are invested in this little girl’s life. Your gift is multiplied. God used loaves and fishes to feed a multitude. Loaves and fishes + God = a banquet!!

total received: $ 8164

total needed:  $ 10836

Almost half way!! so exciting 🙂

I wanted to share another way that God is working on the other end. One of the families from an adoption group that I belong to lives close to the jail and the hospital in which she will deliver, but she is going on a trip around the dates that the baby is due. If the baby is early or late, I will have someone to help me in Orange county ,CA… But God wasn’t finished… If the baby is born on its due date, another friend has some family that would meet me at the airport and help me in that BIG city 🙂 I was so afraid to even Go there, country girl that I am, but God took care of that part already. So now we just need to meet the middle: God has shown me the end and the beginning, now just to get the middle part 🙂 I am so amazed at how God is showing me YES and YEs and YES!!!


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