Numbers simplified

 New Goal, New date, New number:


Needed $5422 by Tuesday March 12

That last post was a bit dry for those of you that are not familiar with adoption terminology…

But I want to be sure that those that are interested and have donated have a true accounting of the NUMBERS!

But here is my simple plea again:

Since we have sent pictures and a letter for the expectant mom to read, showing her we would like to be the family for her special baby, it would be heartbreaking for her to find we had to back out and not have a family for the THIRD time because we did not have the funds.

So, I am asking you to help us. The lawyer has given us until next Tuesday, March 12 to collect the remainder. He has reduced his fees drastically to $14500

Since God has gathered $ 9078 so far,

We only need $ 5422 by Tuesday!

 I know we can reach this goal.

Since we have more time, you could also mail me a check:

Ray Primel and Esther Gay-Primel

507 Kepple Road

Mineral Point, PA 15942

Or use the paypal button. Your 10, 15, 20 and 25 dollar donations are making a huge difference, don’t be lied to that your little bit doesn’t help…it does!!

This baby has a home, God is moving, can’t you feel it? He has moved the heart of the lawyer to reduce his fees again for us. That is not very common in adoption nowadays, but God doesn’t care about what is common. He works outside the box. Please consider helping us be able to keep our commitment to this baby.

Those of you new to my blog, we were contacted multiple times about a baby girl with an amniocentesis showing that she has Down syndrome, due April 20. As usual we waited and watched as her first match, then her second match failed. The expectant mom and dad are in jail in CA. When her second match failed, I could not take it anymore, we knew if nothing else we would be committed if God opened the doors…and the doors are opening. Her expectant mom chose life, could you please help us in making sure she has a family and does not go into state foster care? Every small amount is very SIGNIFICANT.

Again if something should happen that the placement does not go through, we will refund your money.


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