I’m All In

Given 9364   Needed 5136

I am getting really tired of blogging about money 🙂 We have really never made it a point to ask for funds for any of our other adoptions because we felt if we wanted it badly enough, we could get the money somewhere.

With our first adoption we adopted from foster care and had enough cash on hand, for the next, we cashed out stocks: for another we sold a rental property: the last adoption we funded due to the change in the tax code allowing the credits for adoption to be refundable. This time though, we really don’t have anywhere to look for money.  I know before people have said they would help us, but I never took them up on it because we HAD it somewhere…just had to shuffle a bit.

This time though we have nothing left, we are all in… Our pastor always has sermons about surrendering to what God has called us to do. He always says God wants us to say, “I’m all in, and shove all of our resources to the middle of the table, holding nothing back.”

We are so believing that God wants us to follow this path that we have put all of our cards on the table. It is up to Him whether He would have others join us to multiply what we had to put in. Please join us to bring our little one home. God bless you.

Ray Primel and Esther Gay-Primel

507 Kepple Road

Mineral Point, PA 15942


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