Needed: 5380 Given: 9120


Needed: 5380 Given: 9120

Even though I have a lot of friends and family,  not everyone shares my passion for sure! In fact, some of you are ambiguous as to whether we should adopt again just because  you think it will be too hard for us.   We have experience with some of the difficulties this little one may have. And, don’t we all get better with experience? A lot of things worthwhile are hard, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do them.

I have given a lot of thought to this over time. When you know you are supposed to do something;

whether that is play the piano and you are so nervous you feel like throwing up, or your fingers hurt because you have arthritis…and you do it anyway. You find out it wasn’t as hard as you thought and you have been blessed.

Or if you really don’t have the gas money to take a friend in need somewhere and you do it anyway. Somehow that tank of gas seems to last a bit longer than usual. God equips the called.

We all do it. We all do things that are hard because they are are right and find such JOY in the doing. Whatever your reservations are in giving for this little girl to find a home, I understand. But I am not asking YOU to adopt her or give her a home, I am asking you to help US.  

We are ever closer to the goal, please consider a small gift. As you see, 538 people, each giving 10 dollars, we would reach the mark!!  Please do not think your small gift is too small. With such a little amount remaining to collect, we can do it!   Thank you so much in advance 🙂

Ray Primel and Esther Gay-Primel

507 Kepple Road

Mineral Point, PA 15942



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