Some Baby NEWS :)

Some Baby News!

Given: 9438 Needed: 5062

Heard from the lawyer that is handling the placement of  the baby girl…Even though she has Down syndrome my favorite NICU nurse said, “OMG she is healthy!!”

Here is the report:  After some ultrasounds on the baby “ she has had several tests, No heart abnormalities, some fluid in Kidneys but no infections, She is 70 percentile normal DS is 50.”

Having some medical reports coming in makes it so real!   I am getting excited! But we still have some money to raise to be able to send to the lawyer on Tuesday.

I would hate to have to back out now. The expectant mom  is seeing our profile (pictures and reading the letter we wrote). Those of you that know us, know we are not rich in money by any means! WE are RICH in CHILDREN!!

kids Christmas pictures 002

Miss Mazie had a play date!! It has been so long since she was asked to go somewhere and she was shining ear to ear!! For this date, she needed both her swim suit for a hot tub and her snow suit to play outside…she was chuckling as she gathered her things. Have I said how much I love her?

Bens pics and Eli 019

Given: 9438    Needed 5062

Please help us get this under 5000 today!! You can click on the Donate button on the top right, or use snail mail. Today would be the last day you could send something by mail.

Ray Primel and Esther Gay-Primel

507 Kepple Road

Mineral Point, PA 15942


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