Given: 9574      Needed 4926

I am so surprised at the response from strangers and the adoption families saving for their own adoptions. I am surprised the compassion some of my friends and family have to help bring this precious little one into our family.

May God bless each of you that see the need and respond, in prayers, in sharing, and in your own need, some of you give.

Today was the first day that I got a bit discouraged when I began to think about the ones who turn away and their heart is not broken for a little one who may have no home…but God shook me and said: “look, look at all of these…” 

We are under 5 thousand!! That was a tough one wasn’t it? 

As it was last week, I will not blog on Sunday. Pray with us as time gets shorter. Pray for this precious little girl and her expectant momma. That the momma has peace with her decision and she knows her little girl is very much wanted. Pray as God continues to knit this sweet one together and heal the extra fluid in her kidneys. We have just a few days. Thank you, thank you


Given: 9574       Needed 4926


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