My Gosh I do not even know what to say. Thank you all for coming through for this little one…As in all adoptions the unknown and the uncertainty makes it a very hard road.

At the last minute, another couple was also presented to Brittany. It was my understanding , this couple had backed out. But at the last moment, changed their minds again and were presented to her along with our family.  

She chose them. I just found out about the other couple and her choice an hour ago. I did not blog yesterday because I could not get ahold of the lawyer and the facilitator had no idea what was happening… all common on adoption journeys as you all know so well.

You will be seeing refunds in your paypal accounts. Those of you who paid by check are mostly my friends, so please let me know if you wish me to void the checks or send them back.

Always know, you are very dear to my hearts!! I am disappointed, but very glad this little one will have a home. I am hoping that refunding your money will make you unafraid to make a difference again if God calls you to do that.

God saw your obedience, He was honored…I am sorry there will be no pictures, but God will see her and He is never wrong in His will.  So, I went from joy, to sadness/acceptance, and embarrassment all in one day! That sure does test a person. Hope the refinement takes some more of the dross from the silver…making and remolding always.

Love and joy and peace to all of you!!




12 comments on “Refining

  1. Oh Esther… (((HUGS))) and do not be embarrassed! Those of us that gave didn’t do it because you asked. We did it following what the Lord wanted us to give. Not to you but to HIM for his little one. 🙂 I feel sadness for you but know that this whole process was in His mighty hands and rest in knowing that the little girl will be going to a home in His will.

  2. Honey, you have no cause to feel embarrassed. That was one extraordinary day. With so little time to get the money together, to see the need passed from woman to woman, right across the world, “Can you help . . . can you help . . . can you help . . . this little girl needs you . . .” was an awesome and beautiful thing.
    Although it has been in the Father’s will that this little child has been received into another home than we imagined, nonetheless our lives have been graced by walking with her that short day. Surely her path into this world was blessed by angels, because in her arrival here she united us all in love, and you were the one who called us.
    It must have been such a roller-coaster, and I guess you are just flat exhausted right now. Give yourself some time. Rest in God’s love.
    Thank you, thank you, for giving us the chance to share in the loving outreach and welcome you made to a child whose way here was so insecure. She made her leap safely it seems, but you were her safety-net, and it was our privilege to cheer you on. xxx

  3. I am someone who has never met you, nor even known about you until I had the opportunity presented to support you and your pursuit of baby girl. It was my joy to give, and my joy to see the way so many stepped up to support. I have no doubt that God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine! I want to encourage you that even in this disappointment, God is so good! Even the challenging things that we face are good gifts from Him, because as you said, they are refining and make us more like Jesus. Please don’t be embarrassed! This was from God’s hand. Blessings to you and your family!

  4. Hugs, prayers and tears for your family. I’m so sorry that you will not have the opportunity to love this precious girl in a way that she knows, but your love and thus the love of those touched by her story are part of her story! The fervent prayers that were said in her and your behalf yesterday and in the past few weeks did not fall on deaf ears. They were to our God who loves this previous girl more than even we as parents can imagine and though it hurts so much, because of you and your love for this precious girl we all got the honor of praying for her and I know hose prayers won’t stop because her forever family is different than we all hoped and expected. ❤

  5. You are a wonderful person and whatever the reason God only knows I know he alwayshas a greater plan God Bless Your Family and never be embarassed for what u are doing Love Barb

  6. Hugs to you… I am sorry, but watching all of this unfold has been truly awe-inspiring. No matter the outcome you and your family were part of something beautiful and miraculous.

  7. I got on here to add my money to your account – I realized from your FB post that you made the goal (and I was out of commission for a few days) but I thought you would have some travel expenses that you could use the money for. I’m so sad for you that she chose the other family – I know that it is God’s plan but I also know what it feels like to prepare your heart for a child you think will come to you. To envision your life and family with that child joining you. So I know the disappointment that you are likely feeling. I’m also wondering if there is another baby out there that God has in mind for you and wanted you to know that the money would be there – that it would come – so that you can be even more ready for that new little one in the future. Keep all of our contact information in one location – create a list now – and call upon us again, Esther. I’d love to meet you sometime.

  8. Reblogged this on A Heart For Adoption and commented:
    I so deeply appreciate seeing each and every one of you who have come around the Primel family in support over these past 2 weeks of Fundraising. Friends and strangers came together, and EVERY DOLLAR was raised! We watched God answer prayers and move mountains as this precious family stepped out in total faith and obedience! It was beautiful to see everyone come together for this baby girl. : )

    But unfortunately there has been a big turn in events with the Primel family’s adoption… Please read their blog post and pray for their family as they deal with their disappointment. ♥ The adoption process can be SUCH a roller coaster! I am so thankful for this family’s beautiful, willing hearts to take this journey of faith, and also thankful that this special baby girl does still have a family, even if it isn’t with them. We cannot always see God’s reasons. ♥

  9. Oh Esther my heart is breaking for you. I know this pain all too well. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. We have been down this road for 5 years now and the ups are SO up and the downs are SO down 😦 I know the Lord puts this on our hearts but that doesnt mean its easy. Know that you are in my prayers. Hugs hun…

    • I promised if something did not work out, I would refund the money. However a few people told me to keep theirs to pay for the paypal refund fees which are significant 🙂

  10. I am SO sorry for your loss! Praying that the Lord will give you peace about everything that has happened. It was amazing to see how the Lord used your friends and family members to make the seeming impossible happen, financially speaking. It was encouraging to me, since we are currently fundraising for our adoption. Even though this little one did not turn out to be your daughter, the Lord is using you and will continue to use you. Thank you for sharing your story on my blog!

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