Before some of you were born, and I am sure at least when some of you were very young children, I prayed for you.

          I was 21 when a young lady I taught as a graduate assistant in Southern Illinois University had a problem. Her grades had dropped precipitously and I asked her to stay after class. She was from Jamaica, and she was pregnant. All of her friends, all of the resident advisors advised her to abort. She was four months along and had a cute little bump…I was very pro-life even then. Her heart was saying no, she was Catholic and her family was as well. She was crying as she was telling me she just did not know what to do. I asked her if she had considered adoption. She said, “No one will want my baby, it will be black.”

I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me HARD…”tell her you will take it. Tell her you will adopt her baby.” Mind you, I was unmarried making 700 dollars a month stipend, I was out of state, and I said, “ That cannot be true, call me, I will see if I can find a family.” And I found… NO ONE…NO ONE. Everyone I knew was either aborting their own children, had “enough” kids or had a negative stigma against adoption or race. I prayed…. “WHERE are all the CHRISTIANS?” Where are the ones who march, the ones who talk, where are they??

That has been my plea to God over the years… and sometimes, one or two lonely souls would appear… BUT NOT THIS TIME… God showed me the ARMY that I prayed for, YOU!!! As I click on each one of your names to issue your refund… God is saying, and “And there is one, and there is one…and there is one…” OH Thank you, GOD, you have shown to me and…  There is  an ARMY!!

YOU are the army HE has raised in response to MY prayer and the prayers of the ones of us that were there when adoption was NOT cool. When celebrities did NOT adopt, when there were NO subsidies, when there was NO adoption credit refund or anything…just people saying YES to God and praying for the day when YOU would appear.

And that young girl… I did not tell her I would adopt her baby and she chose abortion, dropped out of college and went back home to Jamaica for a semester. When she did return to campus, I saw her once getting off of an elevator and she could not even look at me.


Now, I try to say Yes first… keep on saying YES would you!!! Thank you, Jesus, for showing me the answer to my prayer. I am humbled beyond measure.


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