The Un Cola

What A difference a year makes…

Pittsburgh Hospital for Children 011The date of this picture is wrong it should be 03.31.2012

Last year right after Easter, we were finally bringing home Eli after God touched and healed him in the hospital…right there…


We made a trip to Children’s Hospital April 2 to see about Eli getting circumcised. Who knew?? At his age, it would require general anesthetic. Because of his history of aspiration, respiratory failure and who knows what else as a risk factor, they would only do the operation at Children’s Hospital… just in case ( In case what??)…a few stitches and black and blue…As the doctor described his particular risks…my throat closed up…


After a very short discussion after meeting with the surgeon, Ray and I decided…no way. Not for something cosmetic, we could not risk it. So he will forever be the uncola. Did any of you know that? Wow, so the choice of the staff at the first children’s hospital to not do the circumcision at the time of birth resulted in …. This choice, which really was not much of a choice was it?


The whole time we were at the Children’s Hospital, Eli had this look of strain and stress. Must have been the lighting and the atmosphere, he knew…this was the place where he struggled between life and death…and Life won!!

eli crying 016


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