baby 721On March 23, from Project Cuddle: “ IT’s A GIRL!!! Baby #721 is here. We are still in a “hold pattern” as it appears there are medical issues. Sge had prenatal care. We are so thankful that her volunteer stood by her during this tough time and will be there tomorrow to offer a listening ear for her. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. “

 On April 3, from Project Cuddle: “ Keep Baby #721 in your thoughts and prayers. She has medical issues and the birthmom is trying to weigh all options and decide what is best for this little newborn. Our volunteers are standing by to hear what is needed and how we can help.”

Twenty hours ago from Project Cuddle:  “This is the hand of a precious little one that is in the Project Cuddle Family that needs a “Forever Family”. She has special needs and will need lots of TLC. If you know of a great home study ready family that is open to adopting this precious little newborn baby girl, please contact the Project Cuddle office. Hugs”

We contacted them… She has four families from which to pick…Baby Girl is in CA…Same area as the other Baby Girl with Down Syndrome that we were “matched” with before… And this baby has Down Syndrome, little girl… The coincidences are too strong…we are one of the four families. I am prepared for a no.

Nothing worked well: My computer quit understanding or converting pdf files. It was late, I was to meet the CPA this morning and had a ton to do before that. Sent everything docx instead, and they could open it!!  Once again, it is not a good time, who is to watch the kiddos?  How do I get to CA by tomorrow if chosen?? How will it all work? I sure don’t know….




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